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All Together Now: Cowboys Train As A Team | Sports


For the first time at this camp, all of Frank Wilson’s football team were on the pitch at the same time on Tuesday.

After spending the first three days divided between veterans and newcomers, the McNeese State Cowboys were all in a corral.

“It was fun,” defensive end Mason Kinsey said. “Having everyone here together, the older guys working with the younger guys, was good. We have done a lot of work. “

Still more than three weeks after the first home game against West Florida, the defending Division II national champions, McNeese’s plan began to take shape. During the shortened spring season, there was little time for a full group to get together.

In fact, injuries and strikeouts made it difficult to conduct a decent practice as coaches tried to keep players healthy for games. Not now.

“We were flying just to try and make plays, everyone,” said All-American defensive end Isaiah Chambers.

The graduate student was the most obvious force on the pitch in Fourth Camp training, but there was a lot going on that hadn’t been seen at McNeese recently.

Wilson, who is in his second year as a head coach, is able to go all out – both on offense and defense this fall.

“We can now put some people in a competitive position,” Wilson said. “People can compete against each other, and that’s good.

“For us, it’s about winning the day. How to improve? We are not yet worried about West Florida. We are worried about McNeese.

It’s also about how the Cowboys train, which is fast.

“I think that was the energy we have,” Wilson said. “Guys are hungry to work, hungry to win. Now we are pursuing it. We have a team goal to win a championship.

It’s a long way off, but McNeese will continue to take steps in that direction. Thursday will be the first day in the full pads with the first scrum of the season scheduled for Sunday noon inside Cowboy Stadium. Much like getting the whole team together, the players are eagerly awaiting the scrum.

“It’s good to have the whole team together,” said Kinsey. “We really push each other. Our offensive line pushes us to be better.

It also shows the Cowboys are closer to the Sept. 4 opener.

“It’s good to have depth this year,” said wide receiver Josh Matthews. “But it’s better to have quality depth. We have this in a lot of positions, both in attack and defense. You see it when we practice together.

Having everyone on the pitch at the same time is also a lesson in Cowboy culture for new kids, who can see how veterans work. It is also a challenge for them.

“They have to adapt,” Wilson said of the subclasses. ” They do not have the choice. You would be weird to see what’s going on here and not come. “

The Cowboys will continue to train in seashells (helmets and shoulder pads) for one more day today. Then things will likely get more physical as the day’s open time passes.

“We’re going to put everything in place by the first game,” Matthews said. “We’re going to spice things up. “

Scrimmaging at noon will definitely heat things up, that’s for sure.

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