5 most recommended physical activities for people over 60

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Those who think physical activity is something for young people urgently need to reconsider their concepts. A growing number of studies prove that regular exercise throughout life plays an important role in improving the quality of life and preventing various diseases and complications, including stroke, hypertension. , diabetes, cancer and depression.

According to the master of exercise physiology and technical director of the Bodytech gymnasium network, Eduardo Netto, it is common that from the age of 60, certain physiological changes occur, which in the long term can affect mobility and l independence of a person. . It is essential to think about it, to put aside the sedentary lifestyle and to find safe activities that have to do with your tastes and your routine.

According to the American College of Sport Medicine, exercise after age 60 should be planned, structured, repetitive, and include different training. Netto explains what they are: “There is a need to ensure aerobic exercise, in which the large muscles of the body move rhythmically for prolonged periods of time, and include resistance exercises, which work the muscles or hold against them. an applied force or weight. In addition, it is important to develop flexibility, in order to preserve or extend the range of motion around a joint, and to do balance training, a combination of proprioception, coordination and lower body weight training. details the expert.

See the 5 most recommended physical activities for people over 60:

1) dance – This is a great option even for those who don’t take so much risk on the slopes. The practice includes physical conditioning: cardiovascular, coordination, flexibility and balance.

2) Aquatic gymnastics – Although the elderly are always present in all water sports, I consider the famous hydrogymnastics as the best option for them. This course helps develop the physical conditions essential to quality of life, such as aerobic capacity, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance.

3) swimming – Cited by many as the most complete physical activity, swimming could not be left out of this list! It really is a fantastic sport. It combines physical conditioning, pleasure and minimal risk of injury.

4) stretch – Flexibility should not be forgotten in the training plan for seniors. Many believe that stretching is only for the exercises recommended before or after training. In fact, stretching and flexibility goes way beyond! interesting. The stretch class itself is one of them. During the course, exercises and positions are performed in search of the best posture and the best amplitude for each one.

5) Bodybuilding – There’s no point in lifting your nose. Strength training is essential for the elderly! In fact, after 40, it should be the main physical activity. It is practically a consensus in the scientific literature that muscle strength is the most important physical valence in the health of an adult, from the youngest to the oldest. High levels of muscle strength are linked to independence in daily living and the absence of joint pain in older people, as well as being a determining factor in balance and a low rate of falls.

* With information from the Bodytech press service

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