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NOTE: This was written by Vendy Adams and edited by Orion Estevez.

One of the currently signed mixed martial artists with the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a physical education teacher. He is Mark “Mugen” Streigl from the Philippines.

Like all scientists, I disagree with the argument that physical education is unnecessary. However, what should be emphasized is that physical education is useless if it is not taught properly.

If the educator is well informed and can keep the class attentive, physical education plays a critical role in educating students for overall health. After all, students cannot concentrate on studying other subjects if they are not in good health.

Research has long shown the importance of physical activity on a student’s health. Attending classes that promote health education can only be beneficial for the student, while avoiding participation in such classes could be detrimental to the student’s overall education plan.

While focusing on homework is much appreciated, students should also learn to engage in physical activities. Proper diet as well as proper workouts keep us operational.

Our quality of life is determined by how much and how often we exercise. Here are the reasons why physical education is important in school and why we should never consider banning it:

The more active we become, the more dopamine is released into our system. Research has shown that dopamine plays an important role in the attention span of students and whetherOnce focus is maintained through the basal ganglia, students who engage in physical activity are more likely to pay more attention in school.

Today, there are many distractions that influence our ability to focus on the job at hand. Technology plays an important role in this process.

Students have access to laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that could distract their attention. By involving them in physical activities, teachers can keep them attentive but also receptive to schoolwork.

Depending on the seeds you plant, this is what you will grow. It is therefore important to plant healthy seeds in the minds of children to grow healthy and intelligent individuals. If we teach them that physical education is not as important, we can easily make them believe that health is not a priority. In reality, the opposite is true. Health is the number one priority and should be treated as such. Cultivating a taste for physical activity from an early age is therefore beneficial for the long-term development of the pupil.

What’s more, physical activity can also keep students energetic throughout the day and increase their serotonin levels. It can help their muscles to grow faster and stronger. Activities like biking, push-ups, or rock climbing can be great for kids.

If the students do not get enough sleep, it is likely that they will stop functioning soon. Physical activity keeps students fit and prevents sleep deprivation.

If you are physically active throughout the day, you are more likely to get a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, if students don’t get enough sleep, they could easily become distracted and give teachers and parents a hard time.

Physical activity is not only good for the body, but it is also good for the brain, and emotions can be processed faster and more accurately when children engage in physical activity. Depression and anxiety have been treated this way in the past, so physical activity is essential to treat such symptoms.

Stress can easily reach students, especially during exam weeks, so physical activity provides the perfect tools to release this accumulated stress. When you are stressed, you are no longer able to focus on the task at hand and may fail exams, miss deadlines, and ignore other relevant tasks.

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As we all want to be happier, so do the students. So removing physical education from their curriculum would do more harm than good.

Students would no longer feel so connected to their bodies. They would fall ill more easily and they would not be so concentrated in school.

In addition, the blood of the students would not circulate as quickly in their body as their attention span would decrease and their body would no longer maintain a regular weight. They might stretch less, become less flexible, and engage in fewer extracurricular activities.

We all want a happy life, so we shouldn’t deprive students of that. Physical education should never be taken out of the curriculum.


Exercise is an important factor in helping children develop healthily. Physical activities are important for students because it helps them learn more about health education, so let’s keep students active and happy by keeping them engaged in these activities.

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