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Photo of Deb Gau MATEC Deputy Principal Amanda Pederson showed members of the Marshall School Board, including Sara Runchey and Matt Coleman, the MATEC Common Area on Monday during a district-wide facility tour. Board members made stops at all MPS schools from Park Side Elementary to Marshall High School.

MARSHALL – It has been a busy year for the Marshall Public School installation projects. While the most significant was the construction of a new elementary school on Southview Drive, there have also been changes such as the addition of a new building at Park Side Elementary School and work to fill the old one. Marshall Middle School swimming pool. Members of the Marshall School Board were able to see the construction of MMS and new preschool classrooms at Park Side as part of a facility tour on Monday.

Board members have registered at every school facility in the district, including Park Side, Southview Elementary, MMS, Marshall High School, and MATEC.

“Marshall should be proud of their schools” said school board president Jeff Chapman. “I am very proud of our facilities and our staff.

Over the summer, work began to fill the old MMS pool and install new flooring, Superintendent Jeremy Williams said. The project was carried out with long-term facility maintenance funds, said Dion Caron, director of business services at MPS.

The pool facilities date back to the 1960s when the school building was constructed. They were closed around 2007 and the pool has not been used since then, Caron said.

When school board members visited on Monday, the pool was gone, although some parts of the facility were still the same, such as the ceramic tiles on the walls. Williams said additional work, such as updating the HVAC system, was still planned for the old pool. Possible uses for the rehabilitated pool could include a flexible learning or activity space, Williams said.

Early learning space

next to the park

One building project that has made a big difference to the young learners of MPS is the new building addition at Park Side Elementary. School board members visited new classrooms built for preschool and early childhood family education, as well as other renovations on Park Side.

The Park Side expansions were part of the same construction referendum that built Southview Elementary. The project enabled Kindergarten and ECFE to move from college space to Park Side.

“It’s good,” Chapman said. “We are happy to have all early childhood learning in one building” kindergarten to grade one, he said.

Early Years Director Tiffany Teske said they serve around 170 students and ECFE classes start next week.

Some of the board members of the preschool classes visited on Monday were built in the expansion, while others were former second-grade classrooms. Part of the building expansion included an open multi-use area. It’s a space that can be used for physical education or social and emotional learning, Teske said.

In addition to the early childhood education classroom expansions, Park Side also received updates like a new carpet and dividing walls in the old school library. With the new walls in place, Park Side has a dedicated room for student screenings and a new multi-purpose room, in addition to the innovative learning center classroom, said Park Side director Darci. Love.

“It has become very pleasant” Love said.

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