A&M Gymnastic Club encourages participation of all students


The nearly 100-year-old club recently gained attention with a national championship and a new addition: a coach

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Founded in 1923, Texas A&M Gymnastics Club is one of the oldest clubs on campus.

Located in the Physical Education Activity Program (PEAP) building, the gymnasium is stocked with all the professional equipment a gymnast might need. From beams to parallel bars, men and women can work out inside this fitness center.

In fact, the club itself has 40 members, both men and women. Both teams compete around the world to represent A&M and have won prestigious awards such as a 2019 national championship.

This year, the club saw a new addition to their squad: a coach.

The team announced in February via Instagram former University of California Los Angeles gymnast Macy Toronjo as the new coach of the women’s team.

You might think the transition from athlete to coach would be difficult, but Toronjo said she had been a coach at UCLA before, except her students were a bit younger.

“I mostly worked with 5 and 6 year olds so it’s really different working with students, but it’s been so much fun,” Toronjo said.

Kaylee Connolly, a third-year member and president of the whole club, said the team were extremely grateful to finally have a coach, especially one like Toronjo.

“I think anyone can use their kind of high level skills and experience,” Connolly said.

Toronjo’s intelligence and background in aerobic activity add a much needed positive influence.

“She’s got a lot of wisdom from UCLA and I think everyone really appreciates her presence, she’s a light and it’s great to have her.” she said.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Texas A&M Gymnastics Club, men’s team captain Kevin Abbott said one thing people should know about the program is that it offers many to people who wish to pursue gymnastics in college without the rigor that the NCAA would have. .

“However, we are trying to grow to be an NCAA team going forward,” Abbott said.

Until then, Abbott encourages students to stop by and join the club.

“But our team is made up of a lot of former USAG members who really care about the sport and are competitive in the gym,” he said. . “

Like many around the world, COVID-19 has also negatively impacted the TAMU Gymnastics Club. Toronjo said things were different, but athletes’ attitudes had not changed.

“You know there have been struggles throughout the year, but honestly, they’ve done a great job bringing joy into everything they do, it’s beautiful to watch,” said Toronjo said.

To find more information about the club and how to register, students can visit the A&M gymnastics website. here.

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