Bangalore: PE instructors urged to teach theory indoors | Bangalore News

BENGALURU: As schools reopened for grades 6 and above, a sense of normalcy has not yet returned for one group of teachers – the physical education instructors. They are eagerly awaiting the end of the pandemic.
Since standard operating procedures prohibit outdoor activities, physical education classes in public schools have moved to classrooms. Theory is taught, the program says.
“The state education research and training department has prescribed a curriculum that we are following,” said a physical education teacher at a public high school in eastern Bengaluru. “We are following this. For example, we teach students how to dribble, the different types of dribbling, the required posture and its importance in the game, etc. There is nothing more we can do. Even yoga needs space. And with a mask, breathing exercises are almost possible. Another teacher said physical education classes are generally 60% practical and 40% theoretical. Now his only theory. “We give students project work like drawing pictures of a sneaky serve in volleyball,” the teacher said. “We all miss the playground. Sport helps children grow physically and mentally. We are just waiting for the pandemic to end. ”
Most often, PE teachers are responsible for ensuring compliance with Covid protocols in schools. “We manage social distancing during lunch hours, temperature control and disinfection. We consider this to be very important, ”said one instructor.

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