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Check the CBSE 2021-22 Class 12 Physical Education Council Exam Quarter 1 answer key. The link to access the 12th CBSE Physical Education Question Paper (PDF) (Term 1) is also available here. One can also check out a detailed analysis, review and the latest updates from the CBSE on the Class 12 Physical Education Council Exam 2021-22.

Disclaimer: This CBSE 12th Physical Education 2021-22 answer key is for reference purposes and is not final. The official CBSE 2021-22 Class 12 Physical Education Answer Key (Term 1) is expected to be issued by the Board after the CBSE result is reported.

CBSE answer key: 12th physical education class 2021-22 (term 1)

1. In planning, defining a procedure means –

(a) set goals

(b) establish a policy

(c) formation of rules and regulations

(d) define the action plan

Answer 1: (a) set goals

2. The logistics committee takes care of –

(a) Accommodation

(b) Transportation

(c) Medical personnel

(All the foregoing

Answer: (d)

3. Factors affecting motor development –

(a) Staff

(b) Psychological

(c) Genetics

(All the foregoing

Answer: (d)

4. The standing long jump is administered to test –

(a) Explosive leg speed

(b) Explosive leg endurance

(c) Explosive leg strength

(d) (a) and (c) both

Answer: (c)

5. Physical activities on the ground should be planned to –

(a) child under 1 year old

(b) Child from 1 to 2 years old

(c) 3-4 year old child

(d) Child aged 5 to 17

Respond to)

6. The extension is

(a) flexion

(b) smoothing

(c) twist

(d) turn

Answer: (d)

7. Carrot and orange come under –

(a) energy foods

(b) bodybuilding foods

(c) protective or regulatory foods

(d) Normal foods

Answer: (c)

8. Which of the following tests is performed to measure cardiovascular fitness?

(a) Back scratch test

(b) Rockport One Mile Test

(c) Harvard step test

(d) Both (b) and (c)

Answer: (c)

9. If an odd number of teams are participating in a round robin, the formula for calculating the number of rounds is as follows:

(a) N-1

(b) N (N-1),

(C) N

(d) N + 1

Answer: (c)

10. Which test to perform to measure agility?

(a) Standing plank jump

(b) 4x 10 shuttles

(c) Partial recovery

(d) Pumps

Answer: (b)

11. The mechanical analysis of the javelin thrown by Neeraj Chopra will be carried out under –

(a) Biology

(b) Biomechanics

(c) Physiology

(d) Anatomy

Answer: (b)




This is a developing story, more answers and updates will be available here shortly.

12. What Newton’s law of motion is represented in the image?

(a) Newton’s 3rd law

(b) Newton’s 2nd law

(c) Newton’s 1st law

(d) Newton’s 1st and 2nd law

Note: The following question is only for students with visual impairments, instead of question # 12:

Kicking off a stationary ball is an example of –

(a) Law or action and reaction

(b) Law of acceleration

(c) Law or inertia

(d) Both (a) and (b)

13. The IPL Cricket Tournament is an example of –

(a) Knockout tournament

(b) League Tournament

(c) Combined tournament

(d) Single League Tournament

14. A balanced diet is linked to –

(a) Consume the right amount of vitamins

(b) consume the right ratio of carbohydrates and fats

(c) consume all the nutrients in the right amount

(d) consuming excess protein and minerals

15. What postural deformation is shown in the illustration?

(a) Bow leg

(b) Knee blow

(c) Flat foot

(d) Round foot

Note: The following question is for students with visual impairments only, instead of question # 15 only:

Kyphosis is a deformity found in

(a) shoulders

(b) Wood region

(c) Thoracic region

(d) Hips

16. ______ refers to the inability to digest a particular type of food.

(a) Eating myths

(b) Food intolerance

(c) Food tolerance

(d) Healthy eating

17. In a knockout tournament, if the byes are odd, the number of byes in the lower half is calculated by –

(a) NB + 1/2

(b) NB – 1/2

(c) NB / 2

(d) NB – 1

18. which vitamins were consumed the most during the Covid?

(a) vitamin C and D

(b) vitamins B and C

(c) vitamins A and B

(d) vitamins B and D

19. Bending is a movement of _________, which decreases the angle at the moving joint.

(a) Turn

(b) Smoothing

(c) Twiff

(d) Folding

20. What Newton’s law of motion is represented in this image?

(a) Newton’s 1st law of motion

(b) Newton’s 2nd law of motion

(c) Newton’s 3rd law of motion

Note: The following question is for students with visual impairments only, instead of question # 20:

Newton’s 3rd law of motion is known as –

(a) Law of action and reaction

(b) Law of inertia

(c) Law of acceleration

(d) Law of gravity

21. The rock harbor test is used to measure –

(a) V0 3 Max.

(b) V0 4 Max.

(c) V0 5 Max.

(d) V0 2 Max.

22. ________ helps to gently pass stool or stool.

(a) Carbohydrates

(b) Forage

(c) Minerals

(d) Vitamins

23. “Sway Back” is also known as –

(a) Lordosis

(b) Kyphosis

(c) Scoliosis

(d) Round shoulder

24. Here are the constraints for women who restrict their participation in sports, except –

(a) Psychological constraints

(b) Social constraints

(c) Eating habits

(d) Economic constraints

Note: The following question is only for students with visual impairments, instead of question # 54:

The flexibility of the upper body or the elderly is determined by –

(a) Sitting and reach test

(b) Test of sitting and stretching the chair

(c) Back scratch test

(d) Arm flexion test

55. Archana a PE Teacher or ABC School sent out invitations to 26 teams to play Kho-Kho under the Khelo India program. All the teams accepted the invitation. Now help Archana and suggest to her what kind of tournament she should host in order for the competition to be a success.

(a) Knockout tournament

(b) League tournament

(c) Round robin

(d) Berger Tournament

56. Mirabai Chanu comes from a very simple family but she always dreamed big. Although she knew her family would not be able to feed themselves, she continued to pursue her dreams. And finally, the day came when she won the silver medal in weightlifting at the Tokyo Olympics.

The women who won two medals at the Olympics from –

(a) PV Sindhu

(b) Lolvina Borgohain

(c) Sakshi Malik

(d) Meerabai Chanu

57. An XYZ school PE teacher explained how Newton’s law of motion is used in sports. She explained while dribbling in Basketball. How Laws Can Help.

which law of motion is shown in the picture:

(a) Law of inertia

(b) Law of acceleration

(c) Law of action and reaction

(d) Both (a) and (b)

Note: This question is for students with visual impairments, instead of question # 57:

Applying Newton’s laws to motion is very useful in sports. In this context, acceleration is linked to –

(a) Newton’s first law of motion

(b) Newton’s third law of motion

(c) Newton’s second law of motion

(d) Both (a) and (b)

58. Mamta practiced judo. During training, his trainer told him about the different skills of judo and advised him to practice the kick regularly.

what movement is shown in the picture?

(a) Bending

(b) Extension

(c) Removal

(d) Deduction

Note: The following question is only for students with visual impairments, instead of question # 58:

What movement occurs during the Arm-Curl test?

(a) Extension and adduction

(b) Extension and removal

(c) Flexion and extension

(d) Abduction and adduction

59. During the morning assembly at school, Anu lost consciousness. she was taken to a nearby doctor. The doctor declared her undernourished and advised her to eat a balanced diet every day.

The equilibrium regime consists of

(a) Macronutrients

(b) Micronutrients

(c) Nutrient and non-nutrient components

(d) Nutrient component

60. In general, sports biomechanics is a quantitative study and analysis of professional athletes and sports activities. It explains how and why the human body moves in this way.

Here is the importance of biomechanics, except –

(a) Improved training

(b) Improvement of equipment

(c) Improved performance

(d) Improved aesthetics

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