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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Half-Way Tree Elementary School has already put in place safety measures to resume its physical education program for the next school year.

Her physical education (PE) teacher Jermaine Jones said PE shouldn’t be a thing of the past because of the pandemic.

However, the necessary guidelines should be in place to accommodate students as part of regular schooling and outdoor activities, he said.

“Before they entered the playing field we would go outside to do our scoring, so we would have used the flat cones or the saucers to measure the space that we will be using,” Jones said.

“We have about 10 minutes before the next class, where we’ll make sure to disinfect all physical education materials used before moving on to the next group of students.”

Jones said that while masks are an essential part of schooling, he will not require students to wear them during physical education. However, they will be encouraged to follow the guidelines during each session.

“Students will not be encouraged to participate with masks; however, as soon as they return to class, they will have to wear it, ”he said.

“At the end of the class, each child will be sent to the bathroom to wash their hands properly, and they will line up and return to class following the six foot protocol.”

Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) president Owen Speid said other aspects of schooling should be addressed before focusing on physical education; however, he wants students to be allowed to participate in sports.

“I don’t think anyone can safely say that they organize sports before they try to sort out other aspects of schooling,” Speid said. The gleaner.

“From my personal point of view – and this is not the JTA’s point of view – I want children to continue to play sports, but this is going to create a bigger challenge than even in the classrooms. “

Jones said that in addition to outdoor activities, theoretical learning will continue using online platforms to monitor student assessments under the supervision of PE teachers.

“We have created an e-mail address for the physical education department [that] we started using from the onset of COVID-19 which students will use to submit their homework and [have them] marked and emailed back, ”he said.

“We will also be using Google Forms, where they will take the assessment and he will grade the copies immediately and send the comments to the students.”

Speid agreed, saying theory-based learning would be a good alternative if schools did not want to participate in physical activities.

Sports doctor Dr Akshai Mansingh said now more than ever, children should be advised to participate in physical activity after months of inactivity.

He warned that inactivity in growing children could lead to several health problems.

“Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic in our region, and this is due to inactivity, eating unhealthy food and distraction from video games,” Mansingh said.

“Poor fitness in children leads to decreased concentration when studying, stiffness in joints, and increased susceptibility to injury.”

Mansingh said the immune system requires good physical condition to reduce the risk of disease.

“Even the immune system is boosted by exercise, and therefore the propensity to have a cold, etc., could increase if they are not in basic physical shape or not as fit as they should be. “, did he declare.

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