FYCO took the initiative to involve young people in physical activities


“Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than before”

Health is a blessing and its importance and usefulness has been made necessary by comparing it to “A Thousand Blessings” (Tanddrusti Hazaar Niyamat Hain) it is a well known saying “A healthy mind stays in a healthy body”, only one person healthy can move society forward and maintain its identity and fight for its rights exercising not only changes our body but changes our mind, attitude and mood, when health is lost all is lost giving you the same care and the same attention we give to others and you watch flourish the mindset, habits and routines are the building blocks of success towards your wellness goals
Budgam is famous for its religious and historical sites and in recent years it has also been a famous tourist destination. Ompora Budgam is one of the heavily populated areas in Budgam district. The area is very good in terms of education and other social activities. In order to keep the young people of Ompora fit and well, the respected citizens of this region take a lot of initiatives in which FYCO is one of the best initiatives and praised by all the people of the region. Fit Youth Club Ompora (FYCO) is an amateur club formed in March 2020. The main objective of the club was to provide young people with activities designed to keep them off the streets, immoral activities and other social ills. The vast majority of our young people have fallen prey to the threat of drugs, adults and children have been caged in their homes due to the corona pandemic, unemployment and unrest in the valley have taken their toll on people’s mental health, resulting in stress, anxiety and tension. Additionally, people’s lifestyles have changed dramatically from the past decade, causing many diseases such as coronary heart disease, obesity, type II diabetes, stroke, and lung cancer. All of the health problems mentioned above can be solved by involving people in physical activities and sports. Bearing in mind the above elements, FYCO has taken the initiative to involve people and in particular young people in physical activities, to make them aware of the various health risks and their prevention, to provide counseling, counseling and rehabilitation for young drug addicts and has organized drug addiction programs, sports events, hikes, recreational activities and other cultural programs.
The club has over a hundred members and is top notch throughout the district. People from all walks of life like students, employees and businessmen from different neighborhoods are in the club doing regular physical activities and playing different games in the morning at the premises of Budgam station. All activities are carried out under the supervision of a qualified and professional physical educator.
“Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction”

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