How to build muscle fast and burn belly fat


Wooden gymnastic rings

Fitness by gravity

If you had to name which athlete has the best all-around physique, a ring gymnast would almost certainly be at the top of your list. Floor-standing bodyweight training is perfect for building a functional and aesthetically impressive body.

“Most ring exercises are compound movements,” says PT Rory Allen. “They employ multiple muscle groups and joints. Even basic ring training will increase the demand on your muscles, as they will have to work constantly to stabilize you. You’ll also be moving your joints through a full range of motion, improving your mobility and strengthening them against injury.

While the Olympic rings are perhaps the most complete piece of the bodyweight training kit, they are inexpensive and easy to set up – hang them on a tree branch and you are good to go. Perform the following circuit two to three times, devoting a minute to each exercise (if time is tight, do 10 to 15 reps) and ring the changes to your new physique.

Olympic rings and gymnastics training

Use them to turn daily strength movements into a test of balance and coordination, hitting tiny stabilizing muscles that dumbbells ignore. Perform twice a week and stop going around in circles.

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