Ministry of Education – COVID-19 Update on Physical Education Classes and School Transportation


The health situation calls for some caution and the measures related to wearing a mask must be adapted in certain circumstances in regions where the risk of an epidemic is greater due to the epidemiological situation.

Thus, in order to reduce isolation orders and avoid classroom closures, the following measures should be put in place as of October 4.

Physical education and health classes for primary school students

  • As a first step, Public Health recommends that physical education and health classes take place outdoors whenever possible.
  • If this is not possible and the class is held indoors, the teacher should adapt their practice to ensure that a distance of two meters is maintained between the students.
  • If maintaining the distance is not possible, the use of a procedural mask is most appropriate. It is then recommended that the teacher adapt the level of intensity and ensure constant monitoring of the students.

This public health directive is intended for primary school students only. It does not apply to special programs, extracurricular activities or sports concentrations.

School transportation

Preschoolers using multi-grade school transportation will now be required to wear a procedural mask inside school buses and sedans. This preventive measure also aims to avoid isolation orders or class closures due to contact with a case of COVID-19 during school transportation.

In this regard, masks of pediatric procedures will be distributed to these preschool students. If the intervention mask provided to the student is too large, it can be adjusted by reducing the length of the elastics with knots so that it covers the student’s nose and mouth.

We would like to remind you that all preventive health measures must be maintained and applied. It is therefore important to remind parents to be vigilant, to keep their child at home and to have them tested at a screening center if they have symptoms like those of COVID-19.

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