Online physical education programs during the ‘new normal’ are important

MUMBAI: The coronavirus pandemic has caused a 180-degree change in the lives of all individuals, adults and children. To contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus, most governments around the world have announced the temporary closure of schools. According to UNESCO, nearly 300 million learners have been affected. The children’s routine is greatly disrupted because there is no distinction between school time and recess time.

Studies have shown that children return from summer vacation in poorer physical condition due to a lack of physical activity. In the current scenario, the physical condition of children is expected to deteriorate dramatically as they would be indoors for longer without adequate physical activity. The only solution to the problem is to make the house a new playground for the children.

Several studies have shown that students tend to retain 25 to 60% more content while learning digitally. While a rapid shift has been noticed from the offline space to the online space when it comes to academics, the transition has been slow / absent for physical education or play. Children Covid or No Covid still need to gamble for their health, immunity and happiness.


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It can be argued that there are many videos on YouTube and other digital media. However, expecting all kids to proactively access these videos every day is easier said than done.

Guiding children through appropriate physical activity, teaching / correcting them as needed and motivating them to do the activities / exercises are also important and require the (virtual) supervision of a physical education coach. The distinction between adults and children is to determine the activities appropriate to their age and to personalize them for the children.

Krish Iyengar, Director of Sportz Village Schools, says “The digital medium can also incorporate a point system such as a leader board which can be used to promote competitiveness. Competitiveness in turn can serve as motivation for children to do the activities. With the ability to shoot quick videos, we see innovative ideas from kids shared in various forums. ”

Several innovative digital programs have been developed to ensure children are fit during school closings. Online physical education programs of this nature are gradually gaining momentum, with 79% of parents feeling comfortable letting their child participate in sports events at home.

The World Health Organization recommends at least 60 minutes of reasonably rigorous play time each day for a growing child to be healthier and fitter. Therefore, let’s keep our children fit, healthy and happy.

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