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Prepare for a modified in-person PE instruction during a pandemic

Description of the course:

We have become familiar with “social distancing” or “physical distancing” in our daily lives, but with many schools reverting to face-to-face instruction, it is time to adjust our “regular” physical education teaching for this. unusual period. We need to teach PE from a physical distance. In this course, we will explore some of the myriad considerations, assess how our existing physical education curriculum matches / does not match the needs of distance physical education, modify existing lessons and create new ones accordingly. In this course, 1) I will provide considerations, strategies, and ideas, and 2) you will face and overcome the challenges created by the physically distant PE. By engaging with the content and resources provided, you will be able to modify your PE instruction to better meet student needs as well as staff / student safety.

Note: This course is not designed to simply provide physical distance lessons and ideas that are prepackaged and ready to be implemented with your courses. You will find links to websites and resources that I have found that contain them. Click here for the program.

Target audience:

This course was designed for Kindergarten to Grade 12 physical education teachers, camp counselors, extracurricular activity leaders, or anyone else who is teaching or will be teaching physical education during the pandemic. Many of us have had the experience of distance teaching / learning before, but as the 2020-21 school year approaches, many schools are considering a physical reopening, which will require review and modification. very careful, especially physical distancing.

This course will last approximately 10 hours.

Price: $ 99

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