Physical education and sport at school in the COVID-19 era


TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT / KSVT) – Schools will be back to school in a few weeks. Being active is part of school life.

“It gives these kids that outlet, like I said,” said Suzy Harper, Kimberly High School girls’ soccer coach. “Give them exercise for their mental health and their physical health. They need to have it. I think we’re really challenging these kids right now by taking so much away from them. “

Elementary schools in the Twin Falls School District will be offering physical education classes this year.

“We’re just going to encourage activities to promote social distancing while allowing kids to be active and creative and have fun,” said Teresa Jones, director of elementary programs at Twin Falls.

At the high school level, fall sports begin on August 10. Training lasted most of the summer. Coach Harper says the players just want to play.

“We had no problem. The kids can’t wait to be there and play and it was a good thing to get them out, ”said Harper.

In sports like soccer, Idaho enforces social distancing off the playing field, including no post-game handshakes and water bottles. The simple fact of being able to play for the moment is however major.

“Sports and other activities, even outside of school, have created these opportunities for children to be able to interact, to come together to grow and progress. When that is taken away from them, I feel the community is touched.” , Harper said.

Harper is worried about the interruptions, but hopes his seniors will have a full final season on the pitch.

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