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A Chandler education develops the mind, body and spirit of every student. All children participate in a daily physical education class led by enthusiastic and expert physical education teachers. In a wide variety of physical education units, students learn the basics of fitness, coordination, balance, teamwork, sportsmanship, health and preparation. intramural sports.

Chandler’s sports facilities include a full-size gymnasium, sports court, and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts. Swimming, tennis, soccer and flag football are played at the Rose Bowl complex, adjacent to Chandler.

Kindergarten to Grade 2 Physical Education Program

The Kindergarten to Grade 2 physical education program consists of 30 different weekly units. The program exposes students to a wide variety of fun games and activities. All students are provided with materials to ensure maximum rehearsal and participation.

Students develop locomotor movements such as running, jumping, jumping, jumping, galloping and sliding. These movements are included in all units throughout the school year. Students also develop skills for throwing, catching, kicking, hitting and setting goals. Goal setting gives students the opportunity to set goals and see their progress as they train and improve. All games or activities are one-on-one or two-on-two. Students use all skills taught in class in play situations.

3-6 Physical Education Program

Thirteen new units are introduced in the physical education curriculum for grades 3 to 6. The program piques students’ interest in a variety of individual and team sports. In the development of individual skills, students focus on physical fitness, with daily strength and endurance exercises. Students should learn and practice the basic skills of the specific unit individually, then with a partner or a small group.

The games prepare students for competitive sports. The games are held in small groups with an emphasis on participation and inclusion. Students become familiar with the skills, rules and sportsmanship required for a successful team. Students provide their own helmets for skateboarding, unicycle, inline skating and cycling.

Grade 6 team sports

In grade six, students play a variety of team sports as part of a physical education class. They conclude the following sports units with an interschool tournament, usually organized on Fridays.

• Flag Football (end of October)
• Basketball in early December (alternating years mid-February)
• Soccer mid-February (alternating years at the beginning of December)

• Volleyball at the end of October
• Soccer in early December (alternating years mid-February)
• Basketball mid-February (alternating years at the beginning of December)

Grade 6 students may also participate in competitive league teams in the following mixed sports:
• Track (early March)
• Swimming (spring)
• Golf (spring)

If there are not enough interested students in Grades 7 and 8 to form a competitive league team, Grade 6 students can try for the Grade 7 and 8 team.

7-8 Physical Education Program

The goal of the grade 7 and 8 physical education program is for students to participate in sport activities during their Chandler years and beyond. Students have the choice of trying the interschool team sports program, or participating in intramural or physical education classes.

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