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Due to the ongoing pandemic and Carlmont’s decision to start the school year in distance education, the physical education (PE) department has been forced to find creative ways to keep its courses online.

Despite the lack of physical interaction between students and teachers, PE in Carlmont has developed a game plan for distance learning during the pandemic.

Many teachers have had to rewrite lesson plans and come up with new ideas to engage students.

“We had to rewrite the tests, we had to rewrite the study guides, we had to find a way for children to be included,” said David Heck, head of the PE department.

Carlmont initially closed on March 13 when the COVID-19 outbreak first hit, and teachers had little or no time to prepare for distance learning.

This year, teachers were trained and had time to prepare to teach more effectively with online tools.

With over a thousand PSE students and only five teachers and limited class periods, the department faced an unprecedented challenge: how to track student physical activity. They were able to come up with a solution called FitLife, an app that allows teachers to see a student’s workouts and progress over time.

“[The FitLife app] didn’t have a lot of users… I said we could have 600 kids on it right now, and their eyes lit up, so it was a perfect match, ”Heck said.

However, FitLife is not the only tool that PSE teachers rely on; Carlmont classes use Zoom, the video conferencing software that teachers use to meet their students online.

“The engagement when we’re in class is good, and the teacher normally has conversations with us… We do yoga on some days, running and push-ups, sit-ups and other physical activities,” said Nathan Chan, a freshman.

The PE dance class also found a solution, using resources like YouTube to learn choreography and technique.

“Next week we’re experimenting with Zoom to see if we can do some type of performance for the spring show,” said Ruhi Koppula, a sophomore in the dance program.

The future of the pandemic is still unknown, and only time will tell when students can safely return to school or how long students will still need to learn remotely.

“I think we hit a pace, I think we go into a stride, we get into a routine and everyone has been great,” Heck said.

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