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WARREN TWP. – Physical education (PE) teachers at Warren Township schools continue to do what they love most: make exercise fun and positive for all learners.

During in-person learning time, students have the option of taking a break from movement each day. Teachers at the physical education school were tasked with creating activities, games and exercises that allow social distancing and minimal use of equipment while keeping their students happy, active, safe and on the move. .

Sean Ulichny, a physical education teacher at Mount Horeb School, organized a spooky Halloween-themed obstacle course that the students looked forward to playing every October day.

Central School Physical Education teacher Laura Lamson can be heard from Central School to the Board of Education office cheerfully giving instruction, comment and encouragement to her students via her megaphone on the days where students can take a break from movement outside.

“The goal is to get the kids out and move as much as possible,” noted John Tsihlas, a physical education teacher at Woodland School. He continued, “We have collaborated to bring unique activities such as ‘Captains Coming’, ‘You Prefer’, ‘The Shoe Flip Challenge’, ‘Builders and Destroyers’, ‘Wacky Aerobics’, and much more to students of. Warren. . “

On days when the weather is not cooperating, PE teachers set up movement breaks inside the school building. On Wednesday, November 11, the physical education teachers at Angelo L. Tomaso Douglas Clark School and Kurt Reck’s third grade classes were begging for a fun game called “T-Rex”. The activity is a spin-off of a frozen beacon game, but the “T-Rex” is simply telling students to freeze them.

Clark and Reck agree they lack working on skills such as throwing and landing, stacking speed cups, and skipping rope, but they are happy to provide all students with the opportunity to practice. exercise in a safe environment.

Students from Warren Middle School (WMS) also participate in the movement of entering and exiting the building. Danielle Buzby, a college physical education teacher, and her classes play gel with pool noodles for non-contact play. Another WMS PE teacher, Andrew Ahimovic, takes his class on musical walks where students are encouraged to dance. On rainy or cold days, the gymnasium is set up so that students can play a version of skee-ball, “Frisbee Madness”, Soccer 21 and Spikeball.

The COVID-19 crisis has the potential to increase anxiety levels in children and adults, but physical activity and exercise can be effective strategies for anxiety and depression. Warren PE teachers provide fun, beneficial and meaningful opportunities for all students in Warren. Movement breaks are a necessary component of the school day and reinforce the importance of nourishing the child as a whole.

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