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Steubenville Police

Let’s talk: Appellants complained about possible prostitution in a vehicle parked in a field on the 600 block of N. Eleventh Street on Friday. En route to the lot, police encountered a motorist with a leaving Pennsylvania registration who told them he had been parked there so he could speak with his passenger. The police told him he needed to find another place to talk.

Reserved: Robert James Smith, 45, 1588 State Route 43, Richmond, Criminal Trespass, Friday. Smith was caught inside a vacant property in the 600 block of Ross Street that had been posted against trespassing, police said. He had already been evicted from the residence and warned not to return.

Screaming: Callers said a drunken man wearing a red hoodie and blue jeans was screaming and causing trouble outside an apartment in the 800 block of N. Sixth Street on Friday. Police located the man who told them the argument was he was being ripped off “drug,” but nothing physical had happened. He consented to a search but no contraband was found. He was told not to return to the scene.

Cranky: A caller told police a man harassed, cursed and otherwise threatened passers-by in Beatty Park and believed police needed to watch him on Friday. Officers said the man told them he was “Trying to walk around to clear his head and getting frustrated that everywhere he went he met other people.” He was advised not to disturb others.

Throwing Change: A woman driving on Sinclair Avenue said a white woman in what appeared to be a beige Buick SUV started driving erratically and throwing change at her car on Friday. She said the strange behavior continued all the way to the mall and once she got to the parking lot the woman started arguing with her. She has a video of the woman and said she would like to file a complaint because of the scratches on her car.

Forbidden: A man insisted on leaving his phone at Pee Dee’s bar, even though the owner told him he wasn’t there on Friday. She said he refused to leave even after she told him he was not there. He eventually left and went to the police station, and after speaking with an officer, he said he was going to go back to the bar to watch again. A police officer stopped him and told him that he was no longer welcome at the bar and that if he returned he would be arrested and charged with criminal trespassing.

Sound control: A resident of the back of Arlington Avenue told police his neighbors were using advanced technology to project noise on his property on Saturday. He showed officers a sound level meter he keeps to show noise levels in decibels, but they told him they hadn’t heard anything and would make several passes throughout the night to check for noise in the zone.

Reserved: William R. Bell, 49, 1419 Adams St., Steubenville, domestic violence, Saturday. Officers who responded to reports of an active disruption said they saw Bell throwing a cell phone at a woman and, while trying to speak to her, said he was continually disturbing and interrupting them. She told police that he allegedly drank and became very aggressive towards her in front of her children.

Insistent: A woman who had argued with the tenant upstairs in a building on the 1400 block of Ridge Avenue for most of the night started knocking on the door and smashed a window on their front door common, Friday. When another tenant told her to stop, she attempted to enter this woman’s apartment before fleeing the surrounding area. The appellant described the woman as short with short hair, wearing a pink jacket and blue jeans.

Heard: Callers reported hearing seven or eight gunshots in the 300 block of S. Fourth Street behind the Greek Church on Friday, but an officer patrolling that area said he had nothing heard and walked around the area. does not find anything abnormal. Other officers who checked the area found nothing abnormal.

Hit-skip: A car parked in Block 100 of Harding Avenue was struck overnight by another vehicle that was left on the roadway on Saturday. Police said both vehicles had a broken axle and heavy damage to the front passenger side. The driver of the suspicious vehicle, a silver Ford Focus, left it on the road, blocking traffic, police said. He was impounded.

Money Taken: A Cleveland Avenue resident believes someone he knows withdrew $ 500 from his account using his CashApp card on Friday.

Funny Money: Bald man wearing blue scrubs and pink fangs allegedly bought $ 60 worth of merchandise from Walgreens with a fake $ 100 bill on Friday.

Hit-skip: A driver struck a vehicle parked in the back parking lot of Trinity West while the owner was at work on Friday. Police said the rear driver’s side was dented, the taillight shattered and the paint scuffed.

Broken: A resident of the 700 block of N. Seventh Street told police someone smashed his front passenger window Saturday night. He said nothing seemed to be missing.

Quoted: Dalton Delcourte, 19, 71 Creek Road, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, turning around in a no-go zone. Delcourte told police he realized he was going in the wrong direction on the John Scott Freeway and attempted to turn around but was struck by a car following him.

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