School Districts Explain What Virtual Physical Education Will Look Like This Year

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) – As schools shift to online learning, some subjects will be very different this year.

Virtual workouts, Classroom Zoom sessions, and physical activity recording on apps are just some of the ways districts are describing this year’s physical education classes.

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“We’re going to kind of move away from the traditional sporting model,” said Michele Pacheco, head of unified physical education for Fresno.

“We have to assume that the kids don’t have the equipment at home, they don’t have the space to do traditional sports activities,” Pacheco said.

At Fresno Unified, teachers will focus their classes on health and fitness, covering topics ranging from nutrition to smoking prevention.

Children will also be guided through fitness options.

“They will have choices that the teacher will give them, and it can be like a yoga or Pilates session, something they can do from their tablet or laptop,” continued Pacheco.

They can also choose to train on their own and log their activities on an app.
“While they are exercising their app logs their information, so basically when they’re done the app will tell them how long they are exercising, how long has it been, how many minutes,” Pacheco said.

Clovis Unified will also have a classroom portion guided by a teacher.

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“There will always be a teacher involved, even if it’s we’re going to do a 15 minute activity and then your homework is the journal,” explained Kelly Avants of Clovis Unified.

They will cover healthy lifestyle habits. Then students can participate in a group activity or record their own workout.

“I saw everyone in their individual homes doing Zumba,” Avants said. “Our physical education teachers, I saw a few on the trails, and they were teaching the kids how to use the exercise equipment on the trails.”

Clovis Unified requires four years of physical education, so every student will definitely be involved.

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