Students received the state’s physical education student of the year award


Congratulations to Meghan Heckelman and Nick Ramos who recently received the New York State Physical Education Student of the Year award. This award is presented to two students from our school who have demonstrated a love for physical education and exceptional leadership qualities. As members of our Physical Education Leadership Program, Heckelman and Ramos assist teachers with all activities in grade eight and ninth physical education classes. As assistants, they lead warm-ups, demonstrate skills, referee matches and guide students. Heckelman is an exceptional student-athlete. With an academic average of over 98, her goals include attending Notre Dame and looks forward to her senior season as the most outstanding member of the women’s volleyball team. As a junior on last year’s volleyball team, she earned the conference varsity honor. Ramos is a member of the college football team and the college baseball team and has an academic average of 91. Under normal circumstances, Ramos and Heckelman would have received their awards at a ceremony with their county counterparts. This year, the ceremony took place virtually. We wish Ramos and Heckelman every success as they complete their final year and look forward to their college experience.

—Submitted by Mineola High School

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