The Magnificent Seven: where is the gymnastics team today?


The 1996 Olympics were surely memorable and still remember today. One of the reasons the United States fondly remembers it is the full team of seven young female gymnasts. Popularly called The Magnificent Seven, which led their country to win gold medals. The team of Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu, Dominique Dawes, Kerri Strug, Amy Chow, Amanda Borden and Jaycie Phelps is remembered by many. They all came with their own characteristics and ambitions which led the country to victory.

Today, as the Tokyo 2021 Olympics continues, we turn back the time machine for a moment to relive the nostalgia. So, taking a look at the success of The Magnificent Seven. Their gold medals were a highlight in relation to their injuries in their post-Olympic career. More importantly, where they are today and what they are doing. While some of them have stayed in touch with the sport and inspired the new generation to take it up again, some have taken on different careers and are leading happy lives. So anyway, let’s start looking at every member of The Magnificent Seven.

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1. Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller, during her run as a gymnast, received five Olympic medals before leaving for the Atlanta Games. She won two silver and three bronze medals at the 1992 Games and also won individual gold. With such victories, Shannon Miller became the second most decorated American gymnast of all time. The first being Simone Biles. Miller became the first female athlete to be inducted into the United States Olympic Hall of Fame twice.

Post her career as a gymnast, fast forward to today, and she is married with two children. Shannon Miller is a cancer survivor and motivational speaker. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 33 and underwent treatment. Today, she inspires the younger generation with her Olympic stories and her cancer treatment. She founded the Shannon Miller Foundation in response to the fight against childhood obesity and the Shannon Miller Lifestyle brand which allows her to share her perspectives as a speaker.

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2. Dominique Moceanu

Dominique Moceanu, in her time, was the youngest and smallest of the Seven Magnificents in the 1996 Olympics. She suffered a few injuries during her run, but managed to deal with them. So, he won a gold medal in the all-around at the 1998 Goodwill Games. Well, the Olympics might have been the moment of his life, but after that, all was not well in his personal life.

Dominique Moceanu during his Olympic career

Dominique Moceanu faces the emancipation of his parents. Soon her father died and she also learned that her younger sister had been given up for adoption. Even if today her family has reconciled, Dominique Moceanu has kept the experiences within her. Thereafter, she continued to tour with her friends for games before retiring in 2005. Today, she has become an activist working to end sexual, emotional and physical abuse in gymnastics and other areas. sports. She also ran her own gym and wrote a memoir called Off-Balance. He talks about the abuse she suffered from the coaches of SA Gymnastics Bela and Martha Karolyi.

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3. Dominique Dawes

The Awesome Dawsome made history by becoming the first African American gymnast to win an individual Olympic medal. Dominique Dawes won bronze in the floor exercise at the 1992 Games and soon again in 1996 with gold. The same followed in the 2000s again with another bronze. Following the success, she joined a video of Prince and a Broadway production of Grease !. She was also president of the Women’s Sports Federation.

Fast forward to today, Dominique Dawes is married with four children. She founded her own gymnastics academy under her name in Maryland. All in the hope of finding the many talented women who needed to shine. Apart from that, in 2010, Barrack Obama named her co-chair of her 2010 Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.

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4. Kerri Strug

Kerri Strug was probably the face of The Magnificent Seven. Despite injuries here and there, she won a gold medal for the US team. A victory she will remember forever as she came away with an injured ankle. After the Olympics she competed in Barcelona and although she quit the sport afterwards. Victory at the 1996 Olympics brought her to the star level that she couldn’t imagine as everyone congratulated her. She was on shows such as Saturday Night Live! and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Today Kerri Strug is a former elementary school teacher who went on to hold several government posts. As for sport, it has moved away from it for years. Today, she is married with two children and works for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Crime Prevention in Washington, DC.

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5. Amy Chow

We remember Amy Chow of The Magnificent Seven for taking risks on the uneven bars with bold confidence. The first Asian American Olympic gymnast is known for her remarkable works during the games of 1996 and 2000. Especially for the difficulties she took care of. Although she is not as popular as her other teammates, she had claimed that she did not want to do easy skills and this training.

Where's Amy Chow of the Magnificent Seven?

Amy Chow during her run at the Olympics

Today, Amy Chow is married with two children and a graduate of Standford. She is a surgeon based in Northern California, where she opened a practice with her husband, Jason. After her career in gymnastics, she learned about pole vaulting and even diving. There was a buzz that she could go back to the Olympics with it, but it looks like Amy has found life as a doctor now.

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6. Amanda Borden

The fairy tale that almost didn’t happen. There was a chance that Amanda Borden never made it to the games after failing at the 1992 Olympics. But instead, she returned as captain of The Magnificent Seven. Marking her heritage in competitive beam vault and floor exercise, she graduated from Arizona State University and pursued a career in teaching for two years. Today, she is a mother of three and runs Arizona-based Gold Medal Gymnastics.

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7. Jaycie Phelps

Jaycie Phelps is remembered for her strong performances on vault, uneven bars, beam and floor drills during games in Atlanta. She even has a gymnastics maneuver named after her, called although on the jump. She won gold with The Magnificent Seven. The strong performances put forward resulted in numerous injuries which led to the downfall of his competitive career. But Phelps managed to make the transition to success as a coach. Today Jaycie Phelps is married with one daughter and runs her own Jaycie Phelps Atheltic Center.

Where's Jaycie Phelps?

Jaycie Phelps during her run at the Olympics.

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