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Madurai: In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, at least online courses have been provided to teach the subjects and now schools have also reopened for grades IX to XII. However, physical education has taken a hard hit as the school year ends without any outdoor sports activities or tournaments.
“There just wasn’t any athletic activity or NSS / NCC activity for the students. With this one-year gap, the speed and endurance of students in all sports would have diminished without proper practice. There was “sportsmanship” among students as they competed in sports competitions at the zone, district and state levels. However, this year is a huge setback and we have to train the students from scratch so that they can compete in tournaments again, ”said M Godwin, a physical education teacher at a public high school.
Currently, some students play team sports such as soccer, volleyball, etc. on their own. However, in the case of individual sports such as swimming or boxing, the students still have not been able to resume practice. “We play with friends but it’s not like a good practice. We haven’t been able to participate in tournaments either. Now I don’t know how far my parents will support more because I will be in class X there. next time, “said A Rajesh, a class IX student who plays football.
Although some private schools introduced yoga, exercise and aerobics sessions through online classes, their focus was more on improving physical and mental well-being. “We seek out and encourage students who do well in sport through physical education classes and participation in sporting events, which has been missed. With a lot of pressure to do well in school and already struggling with of online courses, students may feel discouraged from participating in athletic activity even upon their return, ”said the principal of a private matriculation school.
Even with the reopening of schools for grades IX to XII, there is no physical education period allocated yet and most physical education teachers have been roped up to perform tasks such as temperature control. students and ensure students follow Covid-19 safety measures. “Usually the school education department organizes a series of sporting events throughout the year. Unfortunately, they could not be organized this school year. We are awaiting instructions to resume education classes. physical, ”said Sengahir, district inspector of physical education (DIPE), Madurai. Meanwhile, some private coaches and associations are slowly trying to bring students back to practice and also have small competitions to encourage participation.


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