These are the physical activities that could relieve bothersome back pain


Millions of people suffer from back pain every year. If we exclude cases of vertebral slippage, hernias and other serious problems, the cases are still numerous. Pain can affect various parts of the spine, from the cervical to the lower back. Usually it is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and pain relievers.

The causes can be different. For example, poor posture when sitting, a mattress that is too firm, or lifting a heavy load without bending the knees while keeping the back straight. Then you may have problems even if you carry a heavy shoulder bag for a long time, walk too much on your heels, or stand for a long time for work.

Not only adults but also children can suffer from it, especially if they carry heavy backpacks on their shoulders and do not use the ones with wheels. In general, correcting your lifestyle and certain habits could alleviate symptoms and prevent more serious damage.

These are the physical activities that could relieve bothersome back pain

Motor activities can be practiced to prevent back pain or to facilitate the resumption of a normal life after recovery. Exercise is especially important for countering stiff backs, reducing spinal compression, and strengthening supporting muscles.

They are useful:

  • walking: walking slowly, with adequate posture, in flat areas helps oxygenation, helps the vertebrae to remain flexible and improves mood;
  • aquatic gymnastics: allows the back to relax. Movements also occur with less effort and pressure as the muscles are strengthened;
  • swimming: to avoid effort and dangerous turns, it is better to practice the backstroke rather than freestyle; in this way various muscles are solicited and strengthened, from the lateral ones, to the abdominals to the dorsals, in addition to those of the arms and legs;
  • pilates: it can help strengthen muscles, especially those in the lumbar area, and maintain good posture;
  • bicycle: it should be used for walks in flat areas, because this way there are no harmful stresses on the spine.

These are the physical activities that could relieve bothersome back pain. For other sports or indoor training, it is always good to consult the specialist. Tennis, football, motocross, skiing, even basketball and volleyball are generally to be avoided. If the back pain does not show signs of passing despite the treatments, it is good that the specialist suggests investigations. In this way, it will be possible to decide on the most suitable therapy. Examinations include x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging.

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