Three-time Olympian Dominique Dawes opens gymnastics academy in Montgomery County


Gold medalist Dominique Dawes is about to open her own gymnastics academy in Clarksburg, Maryland.

In the spring of 2020, three-time Olympian Dominique Dawes will open the Dominique Dawes Gymnastics Academy. The 43-year-old native of Silver Spring is still passionate about the sport which catapulted her to glory in 1996, when the United States team (called Magnificent Seven) won all-around gold for the first time in Olympic history.

Its goal is to open an establishment that promotes a positive and healthy culture.

“I’m so excited to take on the positive coaches and coaches who are really going to teach each of these young kids who come through the doors like their own child,” Dawes told

Although I was always tall for my age, my childhood dream was to be an Olympic gymnast, and Dominique Dawes, along with the rest of the Magnificent Seven, was one of my idols. Love it as a mom of four she tries to leave a lasting legacy in gymnastics.

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Personally, I think this comes at the right time after the sport has been portrayed negatively in the headlines in recent years, due to the Larry nassar scandal. After such poignant revelations about the history of physical and sexual abuse in sport, it is edifying to see positive people wanting to make a difference. And who better than a former elite athlete who knows the ins and outs of the sport?

In her interview with Fox5’s Good Day DC, Dawes explains that she hopes her Dominique Dawes Gymnastic Academy is just the first of the many gyms she’s opening. Its mission is to provide “Safe, Encouraging and Stimulating Ninja Gymnastics and Gym for All!” Her website goes on to say, “We aspire to inspire today’s generation of gymnasts and more. In a safe, caring and nurturing environment, our athletes will develop the characteristics and self-confidence to reach their full potential in and out of the gym.

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The Dominique Dawes Gymnastics Academy is located at 22530 Gateway Center Drive, Clarksburg, Maryland 20871. For more information, send an email [email protected].

Are you a gymnastics fan? Do you have little ones who like to jump and tumble? What do you think of Dominique Dawes’ new adventure? Let us know in the comments!

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