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Sam and Teagan Rybka have a bigger social network than Kylie Minogue, but one moment could have ended the careers of these gymnastics stars.

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With more than 16 million followers on social media, contortionist twins Sam and Teagan Rybka will not have escaped the notice of most teens.

They first burst onto the scene with a now viral gymnastics performance on Australia’s Got Talent in 2013, and while they may not have won the show, their act catapulted them into the media spotlight. social.

Now, with regular posts about their workouts, routines, and behind-the-scenes lifestyle videos on their various social media channels, the Perth, Australia twins have racked up hundreds of thousands of followers every day.

Now a shocking new preview in their new book Twining It! revealed how a simple leg pain could have ended the 24-year career.

Teagan writes: “(when we were 15) Sam and I had been hanging out on the grass doing a whole bunch of acro, especially one trick we tried over and over again – a somersault with no hand in the air to land. on your feet, “

“As we were doing this tour, I started to notice a pain in my leg.”

After the pain persisted for two weeks, she went to the doctor and it turned out to be a lesion that needed to break down and heal; the only way to allow that to happen would be to stop dancing.

Devastated, Teagan went to seek a second opinion from a sports injury specialist who hatched a plan to keep her dancing but calm down while the injury healed.

The Rybka Twins burst into the public eye in 2013 with a now viral appearance on Australia’s Got Talent


Australia’s Got Talent, Nine Network)

She revealed in a maintenance with that another x-ray had revealed that the lesion had doubled in size and was now an aneurysmal bone cyst.

The surgery to remove it was successful and after a five-month recovery, she was able to start regaining her strength again.


The pair are now focused on feeding their largely teenage demographic fan base with content. Regularly posting videos on their Friendship Circle, as well as, of course, stunts and performances.

Always social media professionals, they never miss an opportunity to engage their audience, by asking them questions or inviting people to subscribe.

In fact, their brief lifestyle info on TikTok recently won them more followers than their successful YouTube channel.

Sam and Teagan show off their morning workout


Twins Rybka YouTube)

Challenges such as pink food days Where fun yoga help promote their healthy and light attitude towards food and exercise. The twins, who train 6 hours a day and give dance lessons, previously told the Online Mail that a typical day’s food is:

Breakfast – cereal and fruit or crushed avocado / eggs on toast

Lunch – smoothie bowls with nutrient-dense fruits, nuts and seeds

Dinner – high protein meals such as quiche and chicken salad

With their new book packed with tips and tricks on how to balance family and fun with a successful social media business, it’s clear the couple feel responsible to their predominantly teenage population.

The twins participate in challenges on social media such as “Disney Princess for a Day”


Rybka Twins YouTube)

Sam said

“It’s really important that we share things that we believe in and love to do, which we’ve been doing since daybreak,” Sam said.

“We also like to be good role models – when you post online there is a responsibility, so it is very important for us to be authentic.”

The Rybeka twins book ‘Twinning It’ is available on Amazon at:

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